In 2016, a peace agreement was signed between the Government of Colombia and the guerrilla FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) that sought to put an end to more than fifty years of armed conflict. This pact, however, has been overshadowed by the emergence of a wave of assassinations of social leaders throughout the country. Since the signing, an estimated 205 people have died, including community leaders, indigenous leaders, LGBTI leaders, feminists, land restitution observers and students.


From the documentation published by international organizations and journalistic media - official and alternative - I have begun to draw each one of the leaders who have lost their lives. Each portrait is made in pencil on canvas and the textile is cautiously unraveled, removing the horizontal threads of the fabric one by one.


Based on the materiality of each of the drawings (delicate and diffuse) and the dimension of the complete piece (approximately forty linear meters) I intend to generate reflections on the nature and significance of these events. Likewise, I seek to pay tribute to these people in their individuality and collectivity, to generate a possible visual narrative about the collective pain that their murders entail, as well as to provide a tool to avoid forgetting and its dangers.


Pencil on canvas.


Each portrait has approximate dimensions of 20 x 25 cm. With the murder figures that are presented until May 2019, the piece will be made up of a line of portraits of approximately forty linear meters.


Project in development (2019)